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19 May

Mommy Blogger Group Hug Feature Post – Coming Attraction!

The Great Mommy Blogger Love-in/Group Hug/Rah Rah Jamboree Feature Post, in which one, two or a few submitted posts are highlighted and put in linky lights, and which I promised to post every Friday, will be delayed by one day.

Because I am unreliable that way.

And, because of rain.

Rain messed up my whole week, much of which was to be spent – after caring for WonderBaby, submitting grades and dealing with post-semester carnage (in which I am hit by a shit-storm of e-mails from undergraduates who SUDDENLY REALIZE that omg omfg not doing the work during the term means that they COULD FAIL and who, in a last ditch effort to save their sorry asses, e-mail me frantically with desperate pleas to boost their participation marks so that they can get a B and get into that MBA program. Ha. Wasn’t that you reading a comic during my brilliant lecture on Rousseau’s treatment of virtue in his epic prose-poem, ‘le Levite D’Ephraim?’ Ha. HA) and blogging – preparing for WonderBaby’s Second Royal Tour, which commences next week.

(That was the longest parenthetical comment ever.)

On Monday, WonderBaby and HBM are leaving on a jet plane (sans HBF, because the world would stop turning on its axis if all those TV commercials did not get made, by god), headed for the wilds of Beautiful British Columbia (Super, Natural) , where WonderBaby shall meet the people and see the land whence her mother came. They of year-round sandals and much, much fleece. It of cherry blossoms and mountains and ocean. It will be good, but also, daunting.

This is an enormous undertaking, and much planning has been necessary, but the rain – my god the rain when will it STOP? – has prevented a car-less HBM from accomplishing the hunting and gathering that are necessary to fully prepare for the upcoming excursion.

So, today we shopped. At a mall. A big mall. With Urban_Mommy (who has car!) and the Boy Wonder (who rides along!) And that took a long time. Because, the shops. And the necessity of having lunch.

And also, it is my birthday on Sunday, and because we will not be going out for an Over-Priced Meal in a Fancy Restaurant this year, Husband is making every evening of this weekend Special Dinner Night and he has oysters and crab legs right now so I must go eat them.



(Post WILL be up tomorrow! Pinky swear!)

You can trust my ma. Also, if she forgets, I will gum her.