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11 May

You Gotta a Friend (and a contest!) **New and improved epic version

Because I’m BAD and can’t help fussing with things, editing things, and mucking about, I went and changed the title of the Great Mommy-Blogger Love-In post after I edited it and then realized that doing so changed the url which meant that anybody who linked to the original post was screwed which just messes up the whole Get The Love On vibe just a little a bit so I’m fixing it by posting this nonsensical ramble here, so that anybody who follows the second url will still be able to find This Great Post about the Mother of all Love-Ins, for KoolAid Moms (and Dads and Friends) Everywhere:

And a WonderBaby photo, to make you forget that I just made your life a teeny bit more difficult by being so inept with the Blogger and the linkage and the urls and all.

Don’t mind my ma. No life skills. But what boobies she got!

Keep the lovey links a-comin’! My own Ode to Mommy Bloggers I Have Loved will be up tomorrow…