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16 Dec

Come On A’ My House: NOT

Here’s a tip, if you’re ever contemplating a household move, especially if you’re contemplating making that move in the dead of winter, when horrendous winter storms tend to hit and shut down roads and services: do not plan to make that move on a Saturday.

When something goes wrong on a Saturday, it usually cannot be fixed until Monday, which means that you may face having the entire contents of your household packed and padlocked and inaccessible for 48 cold and snowy hours, which means, further, that while your old house might be satisfyingly empty, your new house will also be empty, and you will have nothing to sit on or sleep on and nothing to wear and nowhere to put your food. Also, because such things never happen in isolation, the cable and wireless hook-up guy will not show up to the empty new house to perform the vitally important task of setting up your cable and wireless network, so you won’t even be able to curl up in a corner of your empty-but-nonetheless-pretty new house to bitch properly to the Interwebs about how badly things are going, and instead be forced to wander around your empty, cold old house looking for weak neighborhood signals to steal when you should be cleaning instead. And you will be very, very crabby.

Just thought I’d share that.