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10 Sep

Moar Babeez

Prove that the universe can still be generous in its blessings: two brand new babies, bringing light and joy and endless puddles of runny mustard shits…

Baby Pie, progeny of our dear Kittenpie, born this past Friday in Toronto! and…

Baby Margot, progeny of Jasper and Emilia’s much-beloved Scott and Tania and little sister to Emilia’s best boyfriend, Hopper, born yesterday in Toronto!

(Emilia, upon waking this morning, overcome by the memory of how her bedtime story got bumped: Mommy! Scott called Daddy last night on the telephone and HE HAS A NEW BABY AT THE HOSPITAL! AND TANIA IS THERE, TOO!)

These things? Make my heart glad. So glad.

Go wish them the best.