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23 Oct

He’s A Cowboy, On A Swedish Moose He Rides

Why it’s generally a good idea to think twice before saying to my husband, oh, hey, maybe you could play with the baby while I go take a shower/a nap/Ativan:


If you could continue to spread the word about this, it’d be much appreciated. My sister needs to raise a minimum of $1,200 in order to do the ‘Run For Our Sons,’ and every penny goes to Duchenne’s research, so. I know that there are a lot of causes out there that need your dollars, so no pressure – a Tweet or a link spreading the word is just as helpful as a donation. Thanks ever much.

And speaking of other causes… THIS supports a good cause but does not require running or engaging in any other activity that causes one to produce sweat. I’m going to try to go – if you’re in the Toronto area, you should go, too. Because pampering is good. (Also? if you go HERE and leave a comment before 5pm tomorrow, you could get one of two free passes. Which is worth about $175 in swag alone, so, you know, you should totally go for it.) (Not least because there are only, like two comments there right now, which means that that swag bag of cool goodies and afternoon of mani-pedis could totally be yours. What are you waiting for?)