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30 Nov

A Bad Mother Home Companion

For any of you who might still be laboring under the misapprehension that mine is a household characterized by order, sophistication and grace, I offer you this:

The Sunday Morning Music Show, produced and directed by the Girl Formerly Known As Wonderbaby and starring the Girl Formerly Known As Wonderbaby, with guest appearances by Her Bad Father and Her Bad Baby Brother. Note the following:

1) That her father’s signature tune is a bastardized blues version of the theme to The Beverly Hillbillies;

2) That the performance requires the wearing of nighties, pajamas and oversized slippers, and must be staged in a badly messed dining room;

3) That Her Bad Mother is in no wise required for the staging of the performance;

4) That the baby plays a mean banjo.

All of which sums up life here pretty neatly, I think.

As you were.


Hey, Toronto peeps: there’s a nurse-in at the Ontario provincial legislature this coming Wednesday, to protest the imminent closure of Dr. Jack Newman’s breastfeeding clinic and to demand that the province do more to promote and protect breastfeeding rights and support. Anyone care to join me? Leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you with details.

UPDATE: Mister Jasper is a very sick little baby, and I simply can’t go to this. E-mail me if you want details, to attend yourself. (And? Anyone local who wants to go and do a brief story on it for BlogHers Act Canada? I would LOVE you. E-mail me.)