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27 Jul

Home, Home, Where I Wanted To Be

I am so tired that my toes are limp and my hair aches. Even my left earlobe can barely support its own weight. I can, however, hug my children (who did just fine without me, thank you very much). Because the ache to hold a creature such as this is far, far stronger than the ache of tired.


So hold them I will. And that is the only thing that I am going to do today. The only thing.

Well, that, and explaining that Mommy saw a unicorn, an actual unicorn. And ate it.

I might need to get some sleep before I tackle that one.

(If you’re looking for the post that I read for BlogHer’s Community Keynote, it’s here. I’ll have more to say about that later.)

(Seriously, must sleep – and hug and eat and sleep and hug and sleep – today. There’ll be time enough for talking when the sleeping’s done.)

(Am so tired.)