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17 Aug

Haunted, As The Minutes Drag

I’m tired. So tired. This process is so long and so hard and so taxing on the heart and soul (although, I know, I know, so necessary and in some ways so good, because this is his last gift to me, this opportunity to take one last journey with him, and to grow up, to really truly grow up, in the process) and so I am tired.

And I miss my children. Desperately I miss my children. I will see them soon, they’ll come to me soon, when the hardest of the work is done, but it will not be soon enough.


So. I am tired. Staying strong, but oh so tired.

(And: so full of questions, questions that are scattered and random and incoherent, questions that I can’t quite articulate well enough to craft into prose, but pressing questions, still.)