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27 Nov


I’m Canadian, so I celebrated Thanksgiving weeks ago, but still, it’s hard to ignore all the cheerful goodwill and gratitude in the air when American Thanksgiving rolls around. Also, the pie. That’s all anyone has been able to talk about this week: PIE, pumpkin or otherwise. And stuffing and turkeys and liquor. Oh, and gratitude.

Gratitude, like appetite, is contagious. So, herewith, an account of my thanks, the things for which I am grateful (not, please note, in order of importance):

1.) Coffee.

2.) Coffee.

3.) Sweet things to wash down with coffee, like cake and cinnamon rolls (my December resolution: to master these and eat six of them every day) and shortbread.

4.) My husband, who has been a pillar during one of the toughest years of my life. Who is a pillar every year of my life. Who will, I know, always be a pillar in my life.

5.) My family, my mom especially, with whom I’ve been travelling the long dark road of grief, and my sister, too, because even though we’re having a tough time right now, she and I, her tough-cookieness is an important reminder that sometimes getting through the tough stuff means just sucking it up. I am grateful for the reminder that sometimes, I need to just suck it up.

6.) Ativan.

7.) Friends. And laughter. These usually go together.

8.) My dad. For having been the pillar in my life that he was, for as long as he was. For continuing to be, to me, an inspiration, and a light, and a teacher, even in death.

9.) Chocolate. And vodka. And good wine. And mediocre wine. Any wine, really.

10.) These two. My smalls. My heart, squared.


My life, a rich pageant. Not always easy, not always sweet, but always, always, rich.

For that, I am thankful.