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15 Mar

In Other Words, He’s Just Not That Into Me

The following is a comment that someone just left on my post about love in the age of the Internet. It was directed to my comment spam folder. I don’t quite understand why it went to spam. I mean, it does proclaim a universal truth, and universal truths are the meat of discourse. Or something:

“There is not much to say except the following universal truth: when loving someone unrequietedly (sic), remember this; while to you, he is a juicy steak, to him, you are a moldy wiener. I will be back.”

Everybody, write that down.

(On my way home from SXSW today. I would very much like to sleep for days when I get there. That’s not going to happen.)

(Oh, hey, something that you totally need to do today? Go check out the brand new totally spiffied look of the Bad Moms Club. It will make you happy)