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11 May

California, Here I Come

palm-springsToday, I’m flying to California. Palm Springs, specifically, and then Disneyland (because, you know, you just don’t cross the San Andreas fault line without going to Disneyland. At least, I don’t.) California invited me, which was really awesome of California, I thought. There aren’t many states that will just go ahead and invite you to visit them and put you up and buy you dinner and stuff (I’m looking at you, New York). I’m not really sure what kind of hostess gift you give a lady like California – doesn’t she have everything, already? – but I’m thinking maybe some bacon-scented candles.

Anyway. Expect pictures of cacti and stuff. And modernist architecture and aliens, and maybe some roaming Coachella zombies who totally didn’t notice that the bands stopped playing, if I can find them. And then some princesses, of course, because, seriously: princesses.