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22 Jul

Mutha’s A Sucka

I found this in the laundry pile tonight. I burst into tears, and I haven’t yet stopped crying.

Where did that baby go? Where did that baby go? How is it that time slipped past me so quickly, that she grew and grew and grew and the baby she was slipped away – while I wasn’t looking? No, I was looking, I was looking so closely, but still she slipped by me – she slipped by me, and even though the she that she is is here and present and brilliant, still, the she that she was slipped by me, and is gone.

And I am left with this. And I am crying.

(This. THIS. Was this so long ago? How could it have been? How could it be?)

(Forgive the roughness of this post. I have temporarily misplaced my laptop, and am desperately tapping this out on my iPhone.)

(And crying.)