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2 Jul

She’ll Be Coming Down The Mountain

I am sometimes told that I come off as intimidating. This always surprises me, because I’m pretty convinced that I’m a giant dork, which, I know, is what everyone says, but still: in my case it’s absolutely one hundred and sixty seven percent true. I mean, I have spent pretty much the entirety of my life so far – with the exception of the times that I was doing this stuff – huddled in corners reading books and scribbling stories and that, my friends, is a sure-fire way to grow up with no life skills.

Life skills like, agreeing to do things like ‘ride a zip line’ without knowing what a zip line is (the evidence presents itself about a minute in):

… and launch myself down a mountain on a mountain coaster that hits a speed of 1G without knowing what a ‘G’ is or what that means, speed-wise:

(That first video – which is more like a short cinematic testimony to the awesomeness of Utah and the dorkiness of me than it is a mere video – was created by the incomparable Danielle, and the second is from the remarkably steady hand of the lady that my kids refer to as Miss Alli. I’ve closed comments here – yes, again, I know – so go tell them how talented and fearless and undorky they are.) (There’s bonus dork evidence over at Alli’s. It involves mustaches. Just sayin’.)

(I’m going dark for the weekend, to celebrate my country and, also, to just stare up through the trees. If you’re desperate for more words to read – and aren’t you always? – you can check out what I had to say about Internet fame last week, or you could see what it looks like when I deliver the smackdown to Robert Pattinson. Or you could find out what happens when a sk8r girl discovers the joys of the half pipe. Or, you could read my life list! Because I have one! And it is fascinating!

After that, you’re on your own.)