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27 Oct

Use The Force

The best way, I find, to deal with existential angst, is to just throw yourself headlong into something completely overwhelming and avoid sleep and drink lots of coffee and talk really, really fast whoever approaches you about anything. (Hair stylist to me: “I love your hair color.” Me: “Oh yeah wow thank you no really because, you know, I like it, but not everybody does and it’s like platinum you know and it’s not everybody’s thing and I sometimes wonder about coloring it like red because I love red hair and I totally colored my hair red the whole time that I was in grad school except for like the last year or two because it just got to be too much you know and oh my god ROOTS right? and also my hair is really really thick but oh my god thanks do you really like it?“)

her bad dark side photobomb editionNot shown: The Force.

It’s Blissdom Canada week. That’s why I’m drinking a lot of coffee and totally not thinking about ANYTHING other than OH MY GOD BLISSDOM CANADA and random photobomb opportunities and, also, my hair.

Oh, and this stuff:

–> Tanner. I’m always thinking about Tanner. But so is this lady, and other wonderful cool people, and that makes my heart feel super happy. (Really. SO AWESOME.)

–> Dorkness on video. A vote for me is a vote for dork.

–> The guy who made this movie is a friend of mine. He is awesome. So’s his movie. (I wrote about it months ago, but it’s being released, like, next week, and the New York Times wrote about it, which means that the culture is catching on, but you can still say that you heard it here first.)

–> You could make your own movie and win money. Easy, right? (Disclosure: I’m a spokesperson for this. I made my own videos. I SUCK at making videos.) (See above re: DORK.)