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14 Dec

I Can Has Bucket

I don’t think I’ve ever had the stomach flu, like, ever. Maybe I had it once or twice as a kid – I have vague memories of sipping ginger ale and nibbling saltines while clutching a bucket and watching Family Feud – but never as an adult. The only times in my adulthood that I’ve found myself curled up on the cold tile of the bathroom floor, struggling to keep my insides inside, were during that really bad stretch of morning sickness that I went through while pregnant with Jasper, and maybe after one or two or eleven occasions of debauchery in my twenties. Until now. Now, I seem to have been attacked by an evil stomach bug that I’m pretty sure implanted some demon flu-monster hellspawn in my stomach lining which my body is struggling mightily to expel. That’s stomach flu, right? It’s horrible. It’s torture. It’s making me feel very, very sorry for myself.

It also means delaying, further, the processing of thoughts coming out of TEDWomen and the sharing of my Celestial Soul Portrait and reflections on the holidays and what-not, which is the sort of thing that, if left untreated, can weaken one’s internal narcissist system, which can be fatal to a blog, so. I’d better get better.

(If you’re looking for something to do in the meantime, you could check out this giveaway/contest – open to Canadians! – and win – odds are pretty good on this, actually – a Sony Bloggie video camera or other awesome stuff. Or chocolate. Also, I’m looking for recommendations on where to donate a Intel-powered notebook, just to keep the balance of giveaway mojo tilted toward the side of good. I’d like to give it to a women’s shelter or some similar organization, but I’m open to suggestions. Leave a comment here.

And if you have any suggestions for surviving and recovering from stomach flu – and/or narcisso-deficiency syndrome  – those are welcome, too, and might get you bonus chocolate.)