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6 Dec

Madeleine Albright Doesn’t Wear Tutus

This week, I’m in Washington DC to attend the TEDWomen conference. Some of the other women attending include Arianna Huffington and Nancy Pelosi and Naomi Klein. The only thing that could make the whole thing more intimidating would be if Madeleine Albright were going to be there.

Oh, wait.

I’m nervous, yes. But mostly excited. It’s an opportunity to meet and connect with some truly extraordinary people, and to spend a few days thinking and talking about using social media for social good (I’m attending as a guest of Johnson & Johnson, which is a partner and sponsor of TEDWomen, and we’ll be talking a lot about all of the stuff that they do to promote and support social good), and to basically just bathe in a great big warm pool of awesome.

Which is not to say that I’m not going to be spending a certain amount of time locked in a bathroom stall, hyperventilating and worrying about my shoes and wondering if I dare put on a tutu, but still: I will mostly be excited. Mostly. I think.

*I have it, now, on good authority – from more than one source – that it is entirely possible that Madeleine Albright would wear a tutu, if it were the right tutu, and matched her pins. So.