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22 Dec

Stopping By Toboggan Hill On A Snowy Evening

The snow is lovely, bright and deep / but she has promises to keep / and miles to go before she sleeps / and miles to go before she sleeps.

Frost’s classic poem is, of course, haunting in its original form, but is it any more haunting than a cold winter afternoon spent trying to entertain candy-cane-jacked, snow-mad kindergarteners who have already declared that they are ‘NOT SLEEPING UNTIL SANTA COMES MOMMY YOU CAN’T MAKE ME’? Is it? IS IT?

It is not. Apologies to Frost, and to any poet who insist that mortality is a darker and more haunting theme than is the batshittery of children at Christmastime, but no, it is not.


That photo was taken with my much-beloved Nikon, and then buffed and tweaked and decorated in Piknik, and will be cross-posted to Intel Canada’s Facebook page as an example of capturing your children in their funniest moments – in their funny and decidedly batshit moments – during the holidays. They have a contest going on right now and through the holidays (remember?) and you can upload your own photos and videos and win cool stuff. You like cool stuff.

Also, you can watch me be a know-it-all on video. If you prefer to watch me being more of an idiot, you can just watch this:

Which is really an excellent lead-in to asking you to vote for me for this here thingamaward. Unless extreme dorkitude really puts you off, in which case I played that hand badly. Oh, well.