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21 Jan

Skinny Jeans And All

In the comments to yesterday’s post, someone remarked that, in their opinion, any flak that I get for whatever is probably due to the fact that I am incessantly negative and that incessant negativity is irritating. For someone who does live a priveleged life (sic) and has a great family, you spend an inordinate amount of your twitter life telling us how much things suck, wrote this very dissatisfied person. People want to see the happy times, too.

I disagree – I mean, many of my tweets of late have been about Emilia’s imaginary pet dragon, Beauregard, and about my love of Jasper’s bottom, and I think those are happy-making – but still. If my people want more HAPPY, I will give them more HAPPY, because, as I am sure I don’t need to remind you, I am a giver.


1.) Imaginary pet dragons.

2.) The ability – explained to me by Emilia – of imaginary pet dragons to roast anyone who complains about pet dragons’ owners (readers, check yourselves.)

3.) Toddler butt.

4.) Toddler butt in skinny toddler jeans. (Look, sue my hipster ass. Small boys in skinny jeans and vintage rock tees from H&M are adorable, I don’t care what you say.)

5.) Coffee.

6.) Coffee.

7.) Coffee.

8.) My husband, when he’s not complaining about the cost of cable.

9.) The mourning doves who hang out on our kitchen windowsill. I’ve named them Harold and Maude, for no reason other than the fact that one of them looks like a Harold and the other looks like a Maude. And, even though I know that they’re not partridges, every time that I see them a little voice in my head trills, c’mon get HAAAAPPY. So.

10.) Toddler mittens. Nobody, not even the snow, has such small hands!

11.) This.

12.) My mom.

13.) Coffee.

14.) Writing whatever the hell I want on Twitter, and here, and on the bathroom wall, and in any space that is my own, but not including Emilia’s room, even though that is, legally, my space, since it’s part of the house that I paid for, because she has been given carte blanche to do with that room what she likes, artistically, and so I keep my hands and words off.

I would have added cupcakes to the list, but I don’t currently have any, and reflecting on my lack of cupcakes has an effect opposite to HAPPY, so. I left it off.

/ smiley face.