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7 Feb

Snowy Days And Mondays

This basically sums up everybody’s mood around here:

We’re still all recovering from various plagues, and I’m still in that weird dark place of sickness and self-doubt, although it must be said that as the fog of sickness lifts things are becoming that much more manageable, because, really, self-doubt is like old hat to me. I can handle self-doubt with my eyes closed. I am CONFIDENT about my ability to navigate self-doubt. So even if you toss some anxiety and melancholy into the mix as well, so long as I’m well enough to drink coffee and move about independently I can probably manage. Throw in some cupcakes and I’m practically functional.


This morning I’m on Canada AM on CTV, talking about social media and parenting, and if you’re just reading this now you’ve probably already missed it, but whatever (oh, hey! you can now watch the video of the interview at the Canada AM site, HERE.) If you’re in the Toronto are, you can come hear me prattle on about it at a special session for Social Media Week. The bonus of coming to hear the Social Media Week talk is that you get hear Kyle and Emilia – yes, Emilia – weigh in on the subject as well, and very possibly chew me out publicly for documenting the entirety of their lives on the Internet. It should be a rollicking good time.

Or you can just stay on your couch and read the archives of this blog and get the gist.

(And then, if you’re feeling really super extra enthusiastic about the radical social potential of mom-blogging and/or warm and fuzzy about my personal contribution to that enterprise, you could go vote for me in the Bloggies – I’m a finalist for Best Canadian Blog. Or you could just do it because, what the hell, you’ve got 45 seconds to spare and that’s not enough time to watch that Super Bowl Volkswagon/Darth Vader commercial again.)