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9 May

Amazing Psychic Wonder Toddler Sees All

The old saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has always struck me as really misleading. Most pictures you can describe in, like, 140 characters, otherwise why would there be TwitPic and Instagram? And anyway, why ‘a thousand’? If that number is meant to signify ‘lots,’ it kind of misses the mark. A thousand words is not a lot of words. I can easily bang out a thousand words just on the topic of cat barf, about which I know much, having stepped in it three mornings in a row now. And trust me, you wouldn’t want to see a picture of that.

Anyway. I was thinking about the stories that pictures tell as I reviewed my Instagram stream from this weekend and realized that anyone scrolling through those pictures would think that I’m raising my children in the wild and letting them drive cars and possibly also putting them to work as psychics. Which is totally not true. I only keep them out of doors in daylight hours – they’re free range – and they only work as psychics when they want to.

There’s probably a lot of money to be made in toddler clairvoyance, but I’m totally not interested in my exploiting my kids like that, and I would totally expect you guys to get that. Still. I thought that it was worth clarifying.

Anyway. So that took about 100 words, explaining that the picture of my toddler grasping a Psychic! Deals! advertising sign was in no way a solicitation of business for his spiritual advisory services. Which puts paid to that whole ‘thousand words’ thing, I think.