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14 Jul

Siamese Cat Farms Are Going To Save The Economy

Overheard, yesterday, in San Jose:

— My life, basically, is all about herding cats.

— Oh, really? How many cats do you have?

I had no idea that cat-ranching was an actual career path. Then again, maybe it’s just a Silicon Valley thing; you know, like how New Yorkers are all raising guinea fowl on their roofs and doing organic community farming, maybe cat-herding is the cool new hobby for tech entrepreneurs. You know, ranch the cats, collect their hairballs, develop oil-plugging technologies to deploy in future BP spills, that kind of thing. Something relaxing to do when they’re not coding porn apps. I’m totally jealous. Especially since I discovered that there’s no such thing as unicorn hobby farms. Cat-ranching could totally be my thing.

I freaking love Silicon Valley.