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19 Aug

I Don’t Take My Shirt Off For Just Anyone, You Know

So the other day there was this post on Jezebel about this photograph of Kate Moss and her daughter that had been photoshopped in the weird way that magazine photos usually get photoshopped, and although it wasn’t a particularly interesting post – I like their ‘Photoshop Of Horrors’ posts, generally, but more to gawk at than to, you know, think about – the comments were very interesting, because the commenters, many of them, thought that the photo in question was a uniquely disturbing photo. Because Kate and her daughter were embracing. TOPLESS. THE HORROR.

(I am not horrified by toplessness. Well, at least not by toplessness on persons other than myself. Most of the time. I could go topless. Maybe. Read the rest of this post at Bad Mother Confidential to find out more. There may or may not be further mention of boobies. I’m not promising anything.)