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29 Aug

The National Film Board App: Best. App. Ever.

Summer’s almost over, but it’s still pretty hot outside. I’m enjoying the warm sunny embrace (or smothering in some cases) but there are times when I need to be smart and keep The Boy inside. The heat wave has coincided with the dropping of the morning nap in my house. I did not realize how much I came to rely on that hour from 10am-11am for my sanity. I was able to catch up on email/phone calls/chores and sometimes have a little mommy time. Now, it’s another hour that I have to provide non-stop entertainment. Mama is tired!

Yesterday was especially trying. They Boy fell asleep during lunch, which required me to risk losing a finger by putting it in his mouth to fish out any remaining food before I put him in his crib. Then, he only slept for 45 minutes and refused to go back down no matter how hard I tried. Bribery does not work yet. I was at the end of my rope. I’m sure it was not fun for him either as I noticed that he cut another tooth.

Sometimes I resort to screen time in these situations. The Boy and I watch Sesame Street videos on YouTube. Videos like the Lady Bug Picnic or The Alligator King. Makes me nostalgic because I used to watch the same videos as a child but we have watched these a few times already and he does not seem interested anymore. A friend told me about videos on the National Film Board website. I was amazed at the content. There are lots of short films perfect for kids (and parents too). There are some really great and original short movies. My favourite so far is “The Girl Who Hated Books.” The Boy was enthralled by “The Lion and the Mouse.”

I love that I have an option when I do have to use screen time. The best part was that The Boy settled down and after the films were over (we watched for about 10 minutes), he chose a book, got comfortable and lounged while he “read.” Just like Mama loves to do.

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