Is Your Computer Ready For School?

September 18, 2011

Posted by Nancy. (This was originally posted a couple of weeks ago, but there was some reaction to the references to Intel products. We’ve removed these, because the original piece was just too useful to shelve.)

Hi everyone! My name is Nancy and I work for Intel Canada and am a Mom of 2 kids. I have learned that there are some really cool things that technology can do to simplify my life. Aren’t we are all looking for that perfect, portable gadget to fit into our busy, multitasking lifestyles? And looking for what is actually out there that can help us stay connected, yet mobile and productive? Well, hopefully I will be able to answer a few questions regarding the cool tools that help make our lives easier.

First up, I’d like to tell you about something that most of us are dealing with right now: kids’ homework assignments. I want to talk about how having the right computer can make the homework process less stressful!

This past year, my daughter had to complete a Grade 10 geography project. A team of 5 girls worked all weekend at our house to create a video that needed to be handed in on Monday morning. My daughter began to convert a 40 minute video to DVD Monday 7:30 AM to take to school by 8AM. The anxiety elevated dramatically when she realized there was no way it was going to be done in 30 minutes! Three hours later it was finally finished and so I ended up driving it over to the school to hand in her project. (I worked from home that day- I know I’m lucky I have that flexibility)

Why did it take so long? Well the laptop she has is almost 3 years old. Yes, being in the technology industry you think I’d have the latest and greatest but hand-me-downs happen in my house. However, if I had been working at full capacity that weekend I should have had her do the video editing off of the the much newer (and faster!) system (duh!) that I recently purchased. It would have been roughly 50 times faster which I’m sure would cut the time in half at least.

So if you see heavy computer use in your kids’ homework futures, don’t forget to check to see how old your PC is, and/or how slow its processor is. If it is getting a bit long in the tooth you might spend more time sitting beside your kids while they stare at the screen than you’d like!

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