Memories (And How To Keep Them)

September 9, 2011

Posted by Nancy.

Anniversary parties are a sprint. I had just sent out the emails, organized the date with my sisters-in-law, got the menu together and reached out to distant relatives and family. I needed one more thing, to put the icing on the cake to make it special.

A slideshow!

Those two words are a whole lot easier said than done. If you’re going to do this, be ready – it can be a slow and time-consuming effort but in the end oh so worth it!

Step One: Get ninjas to help

I had a few helpers ninja-sneak into my Mother-in-law’s very disorganized house (TV Guides for 1983. Really?). What they rounded up was a set of old black and white photos of wedding pictures, babies and past family moments. Add in a few pictures I had myself (thank you digital cameras!) and I had the media.

Step Two: Swear at the scanner

Then came the hard part. I had to scan into my computer more than 50 images and added in some digital pictures to create a well thought out timeline story – moving slides from past to present. I recruited my competent 15 year old daughter to help me and it became a fun mother-daughter project for the both of us to work on.

Step Three: Put it together

We also layered on their wedding song to run to give it that final perfect touch. It was the centrepiece of the party as everyone had a good laugh at some of the crazy hair, bad outfits and a happy walk down memory lane. Once the party was over I moved the pictures onto a digital frame so they had a keepsake.

Step Four: Plan for the next party!

Here’s something I learned after I created the slideshow. “Digitize your photographs and other family memorabilia by scanning them into your computer. Use a digital camera to photograph bulky items, such as medals, jewelry and bibles, and upload the photos onto the computer. Consider including items, such as military draft cards, marriage certificates, old letters and favorite family recipes.” Isn’t that brilliant? My Aunt Lil made the most amazing coffee cake and sticky buns (all low cal ☺) and every time I bake them we remember how awesome she was.

I think I’ll try adding some of these suggestions into my next special family milestone to make sure that the memories are not lost.

Now it’s your turn to share – what are some of the ideas that have helped to keep your memories special?

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