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13 Oct

Family Sized Blender: The Flag

Strap in for Jason’s ongoing story. Once a tech obsessed writer/photographer/speaker, treatment he thought he had it all under control – until his family grew six sizes. Now he’s trying to fuse everyone together into a single family. This is Family Sized Blender.

Jason also blogs about making better memories with your point-and-shoot camera. Check out Frame One on Facebook


I wasn’t prepared for what happened after the thing that happened.

We’d been all under one roof for a week when the thing happened. We’re fusing together a single family from one mom, pharmacy one dad, five kids,* who report to three other families at different times during the week. Over the last sixish months, I’ve spent the majority of my time at mom’s house in Guelph. There, we spend our time with three of the kids – an eleven-year-old girl, a four-year-old boy and a bouncy, bubbly six month old (the math makes my head hurt too).

13 Oct

Home Is Where The Bunkbed Is

If you ask Emilia what she’s most looking forward to about moving to New York, she’ll tell you that there are five things that she’s most looking forward to: ‘the lady statue,’ ‘having an elevator,’ ‘new friends,’ ‘the toy store with the Ferris Wheel,’ and ‘new bedroom.’ What’s the thing that she most most looks forward to? ‘The lady statue, if my new bedroom was inside it, but it’s not, so the Ferris Wheel, and also my new bedroom.’ (The ‘lady statue’ is, by the way, the Statue of Liberty, because ‘why do they call it a statue of LIBERTY of liberty, Mommy, when it’s a statue of a LADY?’)

Needless to say, if there were a Ferris Wheel in her new bedroom, that would be a hands-down win.