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28 Oct

Home Is Where The Heart, And The Internet, Is

So we’re all together now, my family and me, in our new house – apartment – in New York City and I have to say, it is pretty much equal parts awesome and overwhelming.

Awesome, because I get to cuddle my children every single day, which is a luxury that I have been missing for months. Overwhelming, because, my god:

But we’ve started the long, arduous process of shuffling boxes and unpacking and turning our box-filled loft into a box-free home, and it’s gratifying, because we’ve been living in transition for so long. Being able to actually put clothing in drawers rather than suitcases feels downright radical.

Except that putting clothing in drawers has not been our priority. Getting our gadgets hooked up has been our priority. Because it’s not clothes in drawers that make a home. It’s COMPUTERS and WIRELESS and HULU and NETFLIX and THE INTERNET. Because, TECHNOLOGY. We have priorities, you guys. (Continue reading this post – featuring and sponsored by Dell – at Bad Mother Confidential…)