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15 Nov

The Business Of Blogging

So you wanna make money from your blog, do you? Because it looks super easy to make money from blogs, doesn’t it? You just roll out of bed, make some coffee, and then hunker down in your yoga pants to spin paragraph after paragraph of gripping prose that draws readers by the bajillions, such that ad networks are banging on your virtual door, begging to promote their widgets and goo-gahs alongside your brilliant insights into the human condition. EASY.

Except not really.

The writing part, of course, is never as easy as it looks (just ask any writer.) But even beyond that – even, say, if you are an undiscovered literary genius (or video whiz, or photography savant) – the ‘making money’ part is not as easy as it looks. It’s actually downright hard. You need a business plan. You need a strategy. You need something more than an application in to an ad network.

I outline some things that you can do at this Globe & Mail article; it’s worth a read, if you’re interested in making a professional go of this. But before you even read it, you need to ask yourself: do you love blogging? Is this something that you really want to do, that you really want to work at? Because this is work, people. It’s awesome work, but still. WORK. Which means you gotta love it if you’re going to do it well.

So: do you love it? Great. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?