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17 Nov

They Say It’s Her Birthday

Well, was her birthday. Past tense. According to the calendar, anyway.

But we’ve adjusted the calendar. Her birthday is now on Saturday. And we are doing anything and everything that she wants. Which includes, if you’re wondering, a trip to the Statue of Liberty, lunch at the American Girl store, a visit to the Toys ‘R Us in Times Square, and a visit to the Disney Store in Times Square.

There’s a part of me that judges myself to addressing my own working mother guilt – and it is a pretty heavy guilt, given my schedule in recent weeks, to say nothing of the fact that I MISSED HER BIRTHDAY – by giving her anything that she asks for, but you know what? It’s helping me. It really is. It helps to know that I can give of myself – that I can give my time and attention, of course, which are the important thing – but also that I can just give. I don’t know why it helps, exactly – beyond making her smile – but it does, so there.

So there.