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14 Nov

Waltzing Into Tomorrowland

I love Disney. I’ve been pretty outspoken about this. I love the parks, I love the movies, I love their pirates, I love – yes – their princesses (especially Emilia’s interpretations of them, because, really, wouldn’t Snow White been more awesome – and had a better run through the dark woods – if she’d worn skate shoes?) I love that whole wishing on a star thing. I love the animated short, Destino, that Walt Disney created with Salvador Dali. I love Maleficent, and all the glorious female villians of the Disney canon. I also love Pixar, and Marvel Comics, and the Muppets, and Modern Family, and Lost – none of which come immediately to mind when you think ‘Disney’, but all of which are part of the Disney storytelling matrix.

Why am I telling you this? Because Disney just became a very, very big part of my future. Of our future. You’ll have to click over to Bad Mother Confidential to find out more, because that’s where the news is, and it wouldn’t have been cool to scoop myself or the Wall Street Journal, so.