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16 Dec

The Week That Was (Pink Earmuff Edition)

So, you know. This week.

This week was hard.

But the whole thing about being a grown-up is, however hard things get, there is still always life to get on with. Work to do, kids to attend to, cats to feed. And, at this time of the year, elves to move from shelf to shelf (which, seriously: is it just me, or is it just a bit much remembering to do that every night? I totally forget that he’s there, and then in the morning I find myself doing some mad, manic distraction maneuver to get Emilia to look away while I shuffle him from one spot into another. This shit is complicated, you guys.), presents to purchase and smuggle into the house, Christmas trees to keep upright, etc, etc.

And so we just push onward. Thank god there’s the Internet, and small children, for our amusement.

1.) There was this whole debate about Santa Claus. (You know, do you do the whole Santa thing with your kids, or do have issues about it being some kind of whack lie?) (Which, the latter, I just don’t get. Santa is REAL, you guys.) Anyway, it’s still going on, and I imagine that it will just keep going until Jenny brings out her shotgun and shoots Joel Stein in the face. Which she isn’t really going to, unless he turns into a zombie. I think.

2.) I revisited that whole ‘Santa is totally a vampire thing.” Because, DUH.

3.) I Skyped my mom. It was complicated.

4.) There was this whole Babble Top 100 Mom Blogs thing. Third year. I’m on it again, which is great, for sure, but also a little weird, because I work there, but then again, I had nothing to do with the list, because, not my department, so. DON’T LOOK A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH. Or something.

5.) I tried on shoes.

6.) My bank account got hacked.

7.) Jasper wore pink earmuffs.

So, you know. Grace in small things.