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18 Jan

Stop SOPA (Canadian Mom Blogger Edition)

I don’t know how to import the code that would make this site go dark today, as so many other sites are going dark, in a communal effort to express opposition to SOPA, so I’m fudging it. I could ask that you close your eyes, or throw a napkin over the screen, but that wouldn’t have the effect of communicating ‘censorship’ so much as it would ‘naps’ and ‘mess’, so. This is the best that I can do.

Check out this flowchart for the clearest picture of what SOPA is and why it’s a problem and what you can do. If you’re Canadian, and are wondering why the hell you should care, you should read this CBC post. And then go back to imagining what it would be like to hang out on the Internet if most of it went dark.