March 2012

So, this week.

1.) We went to Coney Island. We’ve been before – Brighton Beach is a lovely place to spend a windy Sunday – but this time, the kiddy rides were open. Heaven hath no joy to offer that compares to Coney Island kiddy rides.

2.) I had some deep thoughts about Pinterest, which, really, were deep thoughts about what my love of Morpheus Cat says about me. I still haven’t an answer.

3.) I had some entirely undeep thoughts about Alicia Silverstone and that whole ‘kiss-feeding’ thing. Well, maybe they weren’t so undeep as to be shallow – I did refer back to some reflections on the Platonic idea of the erotic and the human desire to connect with the true form of beauty – but they didn’t exactly plumb the depths of thoughtful interrogation. I don’t think.

4.) That didn’t stop Good Morning America and CNN from asking me about them. I obliged.

5.) We might have sold our home in Canada, which is huge, and weird, because a) what a freaking relief, and b) there goes the last thread to the life that we left behind. Is there a word for an experience that provides both relief and discomfort? That word would be very handy here.

6.) I’m flying to Uganda tomorrow. I will not be hunting warlords. More to come on this.



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Sugar And Spice And Shoes And LOL Cats

March 27, 2012

When I was in high school, I had a black canvas bag that I adorned with pins. Pins with slogans, pins with the names of bands – The Smiths, The Clash, The The – pins with images, pins that told the world who I was. I was edgy, I was cool, I was dark, I [...]

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Rainy Days And Mondays And Bad Bunny Therapy

March 26, 2012

Sure, you complain about Mondays. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get that there are bigger problems in the world, some of which have nothing to do with your lack of sleep and the degree to which you are undercaffeinated and the horror of the two-day weekend. It just means, Mondays SUCK, yo. For real.

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Happiness Is A Hand Drawn Infographic

March 22, 2012

You know that you’ve exposed your children to too much social media when your six year old produces an infographic explaining the relative measure of her happiness to her access to popsicles. The correlation co-efficient here hasn’t been deconstructed, but my guess – based on the images used – is that the correlation coefficient of [...]

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The Three Minute List

March 21, 2012

I have, like so many men and women of my generation, a life list. On it are things that – true to its name – I want to do over the course of my life. These things are, most of them, lofty things. Ambitious things. Things that take time and planning and resources and, in [...]

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Far Away There In The Sunshine

March 18, 2012

Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. – Louisa May Alcott

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Have Shoes, Will Happy

March 18, 2012

Here is something that you may not know about me, unless you’ve met me in person, in which case it is very possibly the first think that you think of when you see me: I have a shoe obsession. A serious one. The kind that involves many, many shoeboxes. So many, that I still have [...]

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The Internet Is For Everyone. Even Men.

March 14, 2012

So I’ve been trying to get my husband to blog. And he’s sort of open to the idea. Open enough, anyway, that he’s begun experimenting with building his own site on WordPress and setting up categories and posting a picture or twenty. It is totally not called Her Bad Father. (His as yet unrevealed blog [...]

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Who’s Gonna Ride These Wild Horses?

March 8, 2012

In honor of International Women’s Day, this: a repurposing of an essay that I wrote for Canadian Family a couple of years ago, about my ambitions and frustrations in living up to my own self-assigned feminist mother bona fides. I still struggle with these questions, somewhat. Inasmuch as I don’t struggle anymore it’s because she’s [...]

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America, I Love You, But I Totally Don’t Get You

March 6, 2012

Okay, so, first of all, ‘Super Tuesday’? I totally don’t get Super Tuesday. I totally don’t get a lot about how your political system works – and I say this as someone who holds multiple degrees in political science – but Super Tuesday is particularly confusing, not least because there is nothing super about it, [...]

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