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27 Mar

Sugar And Spice And Shoes And LOL Cats

When I was in high school, I had a black canvas bag that I adorned with pins. Pins with slogans, pins with the names of bands – The Smiths, The Clash, The The – pins with images, pins that told the world who I was. I was edgy, I was cool, I was dark, I was deep, I read poetry in the hallway at lunchtime and I had a cassette full of mournful Brit-pop on my Walkman. I was signifying my identity.

Which I still do, basically, only now I do it through Pinterest, and I am way less goth about it. I have (as I noted last week) boards on style and humor and food and social media and princesses and treehouses and things that I think are awesome (so awesome that they require their very own board), and every single one of those boards – and every single one of the pins on every single one of those boards – signifies something about me.

Things like…


I like cats

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Also, cats that talk in all caps and live in the Matrix. MORPHEUS CAT IS AWESOME.


So, basically, I’m a shoe-loving princess-admirer who laughs at cats in sunglasses and who aspires to live in a treehouse. There are some nuances missing in that summary, but you can fill in the gaps by visiting my boards and noting that I also love cowboy boots and brownies and cocktails and Audrey Hepburn and bright pink bags and bunkbeds and memes that include animals saying silly things and anything to do with coffee. I CONTAIN MULTITUDES AND I PIN ALL OF THEM.

What do your Pinterest boards signify about you?

(Pin credits, to source where available, or to original pinner: Treehouse, Morpheus Cat, Louboutins, Yellow Shoes, Hipster Princesses, Blossoms, Otter Nails, Books.)

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