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30 Mar

The Week That Was, And Is Yet To Be

So, this week.

1.) We went to Coney Island. We’ve been before – Brighton Beach is a lovely place to spend a windy Sunday – but this time, the kiddy rides were open. Heaven hath no joy to offer that compares to Coney Island kiddy rides.

2.) I had some deep thoughts about Pinterest, which, really, were deep thoughts about what my love of Morpheus Cat says about me. I still haven’t an answer.

3.) I had some entirely undeep thoughts about Alicia Silverstone and that whole ‘kiss-feeding’ thing. Well, maybe they weren’t so undeep as to be shallow – I did refer back to some reflections on the Platonic idea of the erotic and the human desire to connect with the true form of beauty – but they didn’t exactly plumb the depths of thoughtful interrogation. I don’t think.

4.) That didn’t stop Good Morning America and CNN from asking me about them. I obliged.

5.) We might have sold our home in Canada, which is huge, and weird, because a) what a freaking relief, and b) there goes the last thread to the life that we left behind. Is there a word for an experience that provides both relief and discomfort? That word would be very handy here.

6.) I’m flying to Uganda tomorrow. I will not be hunting warlords. More to come on this.