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27 Apr

The Happiest Place

Okay, look. I’m just going to give you fair warning: I’m going to dork out a little here. Actually, a lot. I wasn’t expecting to dork out, even though I have a very low threshold for dorking. But I did dork out. I am dorking out. About being at Disney World. As a Cast Member.

I don’t know why it makes such a difference. Disney World hasn’t changed since I was here last year. I haven’t really changed, either, except in the usual ways that one changes over the course of a year. (Yes, much in my life has changed. America. New York. Babble. But I haven’t changed. Mostly.) But it somehow makes a difference, having this little silver pass in my pocket, and sundry cards upon which the imprint The Walt Disney Company, and being able to say, I’m a Cast Member. I guess because, I’m now family, and becoming part of a family that you love is kind of a rush.

Of course, one of the things that is wonderful about Disney is that it is so inclusive, so welcoming. Everyone is family here. Everyone belongs. Everyone gets to participate in the happy. Say what you want about it being a business, about it being a global corporation — it is nonetheless – fully nonetheless – a bubble of happiness. And I love being part of that bubble.

I love it a lot.