May 2012

We’re all in this together.

Once we know that. We’re all stars. And we see that. We’re all in this together.  And it shows. When we stand. Hand in hand. And make our dreams come true.

(High School Musical lyrics somehow seem more profound in a childish hand. Am not sure why, but there it is. WE’RE ALL STARS.)

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There Is A Here

May 29, 2012

there is a here and that here was a town(and the town is so aged the ocean wanders the streets

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The Rise Of Moms, And The Rise Of Dads, And How The Twain Shall Meet

May 24, 2012

I’m not going to address the latest dad blogging controversy (You guys! You have a controversy! You’ve arrived! AGAIN!), mostly because it’s a debate over trolling, and I am just so, so tired of talking about how mean we can all be to each other online. I’m tired of even thinking about how mean we [...]

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They Say It’s Your Birthday, And That You Want A Kitten

May 21, 2012

It’s my birthday today. My husband has been asking me for days what I want. I don’t know what I want. A day off, maybe. A day off, with a nap. Which is totally not going to happen, not today, anyway. By some accident of fate, I’ll be spending part of my birthday this year [...]

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you shall above all things be glad and young

May 17, 2012

nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals the power of your intense fragility: whose texture compels me with the color of its countries, rendering death and forever with each breathing… nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.  (and then… ) here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the [...]

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He Can Be Your Hero, Baby

May 16, 2012

The superman… has organized the chaos of his passions, given style to his character, and become creative. — Nietzsche. (And what is the leaping, be-clogged Space Ranger but an Uber-Mensch? What is he, indeed? Ecce Jasper.)

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A Day For All The Other Mothers

May 13, 2012

(Because she celebrates me every day. Because she is – as she said – so lucky to have me. Because it’s worth knowing that, and saying that.) (Check out Every Mother Counts. Because they do.)

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On Being Mom Enough — To Have The Conversation That TIME Started

May 11, 2012

Here’s the thing: I don’t much care one way or another about the photo that appears on the cover of the upcoming issue of TIME. I mean, I have opinions about it – I have opinions about everything – but it doesn’t rile me up in any way. Nor am I provoked by the subject [...]

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Silence Can Be Deafening: Behind The Scenes Of The No Mother’s Day Campaign

May 10, 2012

I’ve been participating in the ‘No Mother’s Day’ campaign – the brainchild of Christy Turlington Burns and her organization, Every Mother Counts – and will continue to do until Mother’s Day on Sunday. But not everyone agrees with the campaign. For some, it’s the message of the campaign – that we set aside the celebration [...]

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Mother’s Day For Everyone – Or For No-one

May 5, 2012

This Mother’s Day, I’m foregoing Mother’s Day. I’m asking my family to forgo the flowers and the brunch. I’m telling my husband that I don’t need a gift. I’m telling my mother that I adore her and esteem her, but that instead of a card I’ll be making a donation in her name to Every [...]

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