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5 May

Mother’s Day For Everyone – Or For No-one

This Mother’s Day, I’m foregoing Mother’s Day. I’m asking my family to forgo the flowers and the brunch. I’m telling my husband that I don’t need a gift. I’m telling my mother that I adore her and esteem her, but that instead of a card I’ll be making a donation in her name to Every Mother Counts.

I’m foregoing Mother’s Day, as a show of solidarity with all those women – all those mothers – who don’t get a Mother’s Day. If we don’t all get Mother’s Day, why should I get Mother’s Day? If Mother’s Day isn’t for every mother, why should it be for any mother? We are all important. We all matter. Let this be for all of us, or for none of us.

So. I’m participating in a campaign of silence. I hope that you’ll join me. It’s up to you how you interpret this silence, how you engage in this silence – whether you do this literally or figuratively, in large ways or small – but I do hope that you will join me.

Let’s bring our silences together. And let’s let them be deafening.