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5 Jul

10 Summer Memories My Kids Won’t Have

The other week, site Emilia and I went on holiday in the Canadian Rockies with Adventures By Disney. We did awesome things like raft whitewater in the Kicking Horse River, allergist climb up to the Cosmic Ray Station on Sulphur Mountain, throw snowballs at each other on the Athabasca Glacier, and mountain-bike along the Bow River. I did none of these things when I was child, a fact that stated and restated to Emilia at least a half a dozen times a day (isn’t this wonderful? I would have loved to have done this when I was your age! Did I tell you that already? It’s true! We didn’t have mountain bikes when I was a kid! And we didn’t ride rafts, only inner tubes!)

But as awesome as it was, it caused me to think: what things did I do as a kid that Emilia doesn’t get to do? And then, because I’m a dork, I made a list: (continue reading at Bad Mother Confidential…)