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31 Jul

A Bear-y Happy Birth… Oh, Never Mind

Today is my husband’s birthday. Apparently, God or Mother Nature or whomever controls the wildlife in the Catskills decided it was the perfect occasion for sending a bear-o-gram.

Which was more than I got him. I mean, I could have sent wildlife, sure, but I couldn’t be sure that he was going to be at the house all day to receive it, and in any case, the Mountain Creatures collection on FTD is a little lacking. So it’s just going to have to wait until he’s back in the city or I’m back up at the cottage, which, I don’t know, might not be until end of the weekend? Because, you know, BlogHer. I almost always miss his birthday because of BlogHer. Kinda weird that I’ll miss it again this year, even though BlogHer is in the city in which we live, because of the whole second home thing and him and the kids being up there while I’m down here and god, ugh.

It’s a little hard.

Anyway. Love you, sweet guy. Happy birthday. I hope that the satellite people came out today so that you have WiFi, so that you can read this, and worry that I’m drinking bourbon and feeling sorry for myself. Also, bear control.