January 2013

Down This Long Distance Line

January 29, 2013

I’ve been away from kids for over a week now, and I miss them. I miss them something fierce. I miss their little hands and their little arms and their sweet little faces and their sweet little voices telling me that they love me.

And then I pull up pictures of last weekend and I take a moment to appreciate the absence of their little brand of crazy.

No, really, I do miss them.

I just don’t miss that. Does that make me terrible?

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Seven Things I Learned On My Winter Vacation

January 11, 2013

Oh, hey. Remember me? I used to post to this blog. I haven’t posted since last year, which sounds terrible when you say it out loud, but of course it’s only been eleven days since last year, so it’s not that bad, really, until you realize that eleven days (plus whatever number days passed between [...]

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