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3 Sep

Summer In The Rearview Mirror


The last weekend of summer, disappearing into the horizon behind us. We feel this as a loss (we sigh, we grumble), but really, it is only this particular moment and this particular sunset that fade, and these only *seem* to fade, and they only *seem* to do so in the here and now, when we are sun-spent and melancholy. Because they *don’t* disappear, not really. ‘Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear,’ read the words on the glass, and those are true words. That fading sunset, and all the memories it holds, we carry it with us, we carry it inside us, we always, always hold it close. We do. We will.

Where we went: Oceano Dunes (more on that in another post); Pismo Beach; Morro Bay; Paso Robles; Avila Beach; Gaviota Beach State Park. And we stopped in Goleta for dinner on the way home (we found the BEST place for seafood if you’re driving through this way.)

(Originally posted on Instagram)