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So, remember how I got new glasses, and then freaked out a little bit, because, hell, they totally changed the look of my face? I’m over that now. I love my glasses. So much, I love them. I can barely remember what I looked like with my other glasses. These glasses are me.

The transition was, however, disconcerting. It’s a weird thing, to change your look, and especially to change that part of your look that is the first thing that people see when they, you know, look at you. And now I’ve gone and done with it with my virtual face, by which I mean this here blog, and, yes, I’m a little disconcerted. The change here isn’t radical, but it’s definitely changed, and every time I click over I’m surprised in the same way that I was that first got my new glasses and had to do a double-take every time that I looked in the mirror. Wait, what? Who is that, AND WHY DOES SHE HAVE MY HAIR? Which I was totally doing for days until our bathroom got gutted for renovation – I believe that if you’re going to make changes in your life, you should make a lot of them, all at once – and the mirror was removed, in addition to everything else, including the bathtub and the toilet, whereupon everything became confusing in a whole different way.

Because, where does one bathe one’s cats?


We’re still doing some buffing and polishing in this made-over space – as you can see, there’s been some reorganization, some shuffling of furniture between rooms, a few walls knocked down and a few others put up – and so the whole new look won’t be entirely settled for a few days, but still: the basic transformation has taken place. And I think I kind of love it.

What do you think? Don’t be honest. Unless your honest opinion is that it’s awesome, in which case, please! Do share!

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