photo-65According to the Myers Briggs type indicators, I’m an INTJ, which is to say that my psychological ‘type’ (according to the MBTI) is characterized by Introversion, Intuition, Thinking and Judgment. INTJs, according to various sources (that is to say, Wikipedia) only make up 1 – 2% of the population, which may or may not be right, I don’t know. I rarely meet other INTJs, but then you wouldn’t expect INTJs to go around announcing themselves, would you? Anyway. For whatever it’s worth, I’m comfortable with that profile. It describes me pretty well. Unless you ask my daughter, in which case she’ll tell you that I am JUST HER MOM WHY ARE YOU MAKING IT COMPLICATED.

None of that stopped me, though, from taking the Inside Out personality quiz. And according to the Inside Out personality quiz, I am Disgust:

You’re highly opinionated, extremely honest, and have standards that you refuse to compromise. If people want your advice, they have to be prepared to handle the truth, which means they’re especially careful about asking you to listen to their mixtapes.

Which I guess is probably the closest Inside Out type to an INTJ.

(I’m actually a very good person to ask to listen to mixtapes, though. Even though I’m an INTJ and an Inside Out ‘Disgust’ type, I’m also a Canadian, which means that even if I think that your Nickelback mix sucks rotting salmon skin, I will tell you politely.)

(You really shouldn’t be listening to Nickelback. Sorry, but somebody had to tell you.)

Published in partnership with Pixar’s Inside Out and Clorox. (They’re hosting a Family Fun Away in San Francisco sweepstakes. You know you’re into that.)

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