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I’m not sure, exactly, what we’re celebrating with Canadian Thanksgiving – other than, as the Act of Parliament decreed in 1957, “General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed,” which could mean anything, really. Hey God, thanks for all that maple syrup! And bacon! And stuff! – but whatever, it’s an excuse to eat pie. I like pie. So I’m taking a few days off to eat pie.

If you’re stuck for reading material during that time, you could join me in contemplating…

* Why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

* Why Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon has nothing on Indiana Jones.

* Why designers make ugly shoes.

* Why monsters are awesome.

* Why I’m so flummoxed about God.

* Why we need to talk about SIDS more.

* Why Gwyneth should not be a role model for anyone, at least not anyone who dresses themselves.

* Why talking about boobs and bottles can be as tricky as resolving a peace in Afghanistan.

* Which, really: what about that Nobel Peace Prize thing?

* Why gorillas are just like monkeys, but not.

See you Tuesday. Eat some pie.

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