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April 19, 2011

Last Friday morning I was sitting in a conference room at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, listening to Abigail Disney speak about her documentary films and about her belief in the importance of telling women’s stories. She made a film about women and war, she said, because women have historically been written out of that story. And why have they been written out the story? she asked.

Ooh, I thought. Excellent question. I pulled out my notebook and started scribbling. We could ask that about the story of the family, I wrote, thinking of all the times that I’ve argued that mothers have historically not been the tellers of stories about the family. Why have women been written out of that story?

And then I scrawled a big inky question mark beside those notes. Wrong question, I wrote, and drew a fat black arrow back to Abigail Disney’s original remark. Keep reading…

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My Blog Went To Houston, And All It Brought Back Was This Stupid Photoshop Tableau

February 24, 2010

(Photoshop narrative contrived by Jenny; random badness embodied by – from left to right – Karen, me, Laura, Jenny, Jyl, Rachael, and Alison, who took me down immediately after this photo was taken. Sarcastic spirit fingers, apparently, do not frighten her.)

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Sometimes, We Need Touch

February 22, 2010

I just spent a wonderful weekend in Houston, cavorting and plotting and reflecting and deep-thinking and giggling with some of the brightest and most brilliant and beautiful and bad-assed women on the interwebs. I left uplifted and inspired and more than a little in love with my community. Then Air Canada messed up my flight [...]

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Love Knows No Tact

February 22, 2009

Me: So? What do you think? Husband: Does it say, belongs to Kyle? Me: No. It means, love knows no order. Husband: Not, belongs to Kyle? Me: No. Husband: I suppose I can live with it.

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Mama Went To Texas And…

February 21, 2009

One thing led to another, and… well, you know. Ink was spilled.

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