phoning it in

The Chief Danger Of The Time Is Actually Jersey Shore, But Let’s Not Quibble

October 6, 2010

That so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of the time. — John Stuart Mill, On Liberty. (Photographosophy, Princess Dresses Are So Eccentric, When They’re Paired With Skate Shoes And A Ball Cap And Worn To Kindergarten Edition.) (Am so sick, am dying of sinus explosion, please kill me now because [...]

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She’ll Be Coming Down The Mountain

July 2, 2010

I am sometimes told that I come off as intimidating. This always surprises me, because I’m pretty convinced that I’m a giant dork, which, I know, is what everyone says, but still: in my case it’s absolutely one hundred and sixty seven percent true. I mean, I have spent pretty much the entirety of my [...]

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How To Know When You Are Sleepy

June 28, 2010

It is very important, when you are staying up after your bedtime so that you can be awake when Mommy gets home, even though Mommy is having trouble getting home, and it is getting very late, it is very important that you know how to tell when you are sleepy, and when you are not, [...]

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California, Here I Come

May 11, 2010

Today, I’m flying to California. Palm Springs, specifically, and then Disneyland (because, you know, you just don’t cross the San Andreas fault line without going to Disneyland. At least, I don’t.) California invited me, which was really awesome of California, I thought. There aren’t many states that will just go ahead and invite you to [...]

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Snot Is What Happens When Your Nose Cries*

January 26, 2010

Sick. Miserable. Nothing to see here, folks; move along. (Move along to this, maybe: this is something special that I’m trying to do even while I’m wiping my nose and quaffing flu meds. And then maybe consider throwing a vote at me for the Bloggies – I’m a finalist in the category of Best Canadian [...]

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A Meerkat A Day Keeps The Psychotherapist Away

December 9, 2009

I am so emotionally spent from having written – and moderated discussion in – yesterday’s post that I may not be able to post anything more than pictures of meerkats or toddlers for a couple of days. Maybe just the toddlers. I don’t have a meerkat. Not pictured: meerkat. In the meantime, you could join [...]

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