Road Trip

Don’t Feed The Animals

July 6, 2009

Hinterland Who’s Who: The Flap-Winged Warbling Budgerigar. Not native to Banff National Park, but comfortable in habitats other than its own. Also known for unpredictable flight patterns, piercing cries and a tendency to peck its own mother. Approach with caution.

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Joy Is A Road Stop

July 2, 2009

This trip is hard. It’s awesome – there’s no question that it’s awesome – but it’s also hard. And not just hard because it’s difficult to wrangle two busy little children on one’s own – although that is hard – or because being on the road is hard – ditto – but because it’s challenging [...]

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Something Happened To The Music Box

June 30, 2009

Here’s the thing that we discovered yesterday: when you decide to fly half-way across the country with three small children, just so that you can turn around and drive back in the other direction, you need to have a plan. Our plan is: schedule travel around cycles of exhaustion, which is to say, schedule travel [...]

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