The Basement

Once upon a time, I started a second blog, a secret blog, with the intention of airing all of my issues without the constraints of self-censorship. A blog that I would tell no-one about. A private space; a room of my own. A place to write freely.

But I was never really able to use it for my own secrets, because it’s, you know, part of my blog-house. The door to that basement lair is clearly visible to anyone who crosses the welcome mat. Which is – and this is going to sound so twisted – sort of how I wanted it. I wanted other people to know about it, and to want to hang out there. My secret clubhouse! For sharing secrets! Come on in! Which defeated my own original purposes, but still.

My own secret-sharing is not so secret here. But your secret-sharing can be. You can share whatever stories/confessions/appeals for support that you like, and you can do so totally anonymously. Your secrets will be safe with me. Promise. (The ground rules are here. Read them, know them, love them, live them.)

Welcome To The Basement

July 19, 2010

It’s been five years since I started inviting people down to this here Basement. The beanbag chairs are well-indented and crunchy with cookie crumbs and there are tumbler rings from sweaty rum and cokes on the side tables. Pillows have been tossed on the floor for curling up.

There has been much story-telling and advice-seeking and support-giving and hug-dispensing, and the guests who have been sharing their stories have really felt the love. You all are wonderful friends, the kind of friends that one knows she can turn to when things are dark or rough or confusing or embarassing or all of the above. The kind of friends who will laugh heartily at a dirty joke and then whip out a hanky to dab away the mascara streaked by unexpected tears.

You might have noticed that we’ve switched rooms down here. That room where we were before, over there, just wasn’t big enough for all of us. Our stories still live there – you can still go visit them – but from now on we’ll be doing our storytelling here. Want to join us? Keep reading…

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