That’s me, at the Rogers Centre in Toronto – which is, let it be known, a stadium – with a spotlight on me, and a microphone. And a tutu, of course. And a toddler, who couldn’t understand why Mommy got to stand right at the ice in the spotlight and he didn’t, because, seriously, if anyone is going to address the crowd in the stadium and maybe drop some chocolate nibs at the rink edge it should be him, so.

(The show – Disney On Ice Presents Toy Story 3 – is running all this week in Toronto, and a portion of proceeds – use the code TANNER – are going to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy in Tanner’s name. Please come. You don’t even have to wear a tutu, or eat chocolate ice cream nibs. YOU COULD EAT HOT DOGS. And if you’re not in Toronto, you could just go ahead and make a donation to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, because they’d like that. Or do none of the above – that’s totally fine, too, because we don’t all have the same causes and missions – but whatever you do, or don’t do, hug your kids and love on them and on anybody and everybody who you cherish, and let that be your good. SPREAD GOOD, LIKE BUTTER.)

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Dress Your Family In Tutus And Sparkles

April 24, 2009

Look, I`m not even going to ask you if it`s a form of child exploitation to dress one`s boy-child in a pink tutu and publish it on the Internet, because a) I already know the answer and b) I`m not interested in hearing from anonymous commenters who wish to inform me that u will turn [...]

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Sufficient Unto This Day

April 22, 2009

Last week, I almost quit blogging. Almost. I wasn`t going to say anything about it. If I had quit, I would have gone totally silently into that good blogless night. There wouldn`t have been a post angsting about whether or not to quit; there wouldn`t have been a post proclaiming some long goodbye. I was [...]

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Monday: Now With More Unicorn!

March 30, 2009

I promised myself that I wouldn’t start this week with another weak salute to my hatred of Mondays. I mean, what’s more banal than hating on Mondays? Seriously. Welcome to my boring. But then I woke up this morning – and by ‘woke’ I mean, got out of bed after not having slept a wink [...]

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And With This, We Shall All Move On (Also, Unicorns!)

March 12, 2009

I’ve said my piece, and then some. Am talked out. Have been living too intensely in mah feelings for the last two days. (Oh, hey, guess what? I has feelings! Which, I know: shocking, seeing as I put my life on full display and so must be assumed to have skin thicker than a dinosaur’s, [...]

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